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Portland's Innovative & Kinda Quirky Dance Community

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Dancer Snapshot

  • Gerry Shannon

    Gerry Shannon
    • Dancer, Choreographer, Director, Board Member, Swell Guy
    • How Long?: Since its incepition, baby!
    • Choreogrpahy from Nowhere: I listen to a song, I hear awesome, I picture movement, I react.
    • This Talent Isn't Learned: I just started doing it. I stepped into a dance show in college, the next year I choreographed Barbie Girl. I've been the jester of the dance world ever since. Most of my classroom type learning has been in Swing Dancing, otherwise, I just pick it up as I go along. Nothing like throwing yourself in the fire.
  • Daphne Gerard

    • Choreographer, Dancer
    • First Graced the VM Stage: Night Before Burlesque – 2007
    • Favorite Role: Snow Queen
    • Inspiration: Interesting choreography, songs I can "see" movement to, my mentors
    • Training a Daphne: Formal Balanchine ballet training received from Elizabeth (Drucker) Treadwell of New York City Ballet/ Maine State Ballet/ Portland Ballet at The Ballet School in Tospham, Maine.
    Daphne Demers
  • Jessica Jane

    • Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher, Costume Designer, Board Member
    • First Show: The first nutcracker burleqsue
    • Favorite Role: I'm most proud of the 20+ "spirit dresses" I designed and built for King Arthur: Dances of War. those dresses have been in almost every VM spring & summer show. it's rewarding to know that you've created something beautiful that also has lasting value.
    • Inspiration: I never know where or when inspiration is going to strike. This past summer I found inspiration in a manatee. Who knew?
    Jessica Jane
    • Training the Jess: I started dancing when I was 4. I took ballet lessons until I got to college. There I studied modern dance and creative movement. I also studied belly dance for many years. Now I take classes around town and also attend workshops.
  • Scott Potter

    • Dancer, Choreographer, Director
    Scott Potter
    • VM Debut: King Author – Dance of War, Spring 2009
    • I don't have a particular favorite [part], but every piece that has challenged my dance ability is a highlight for me.
    • Inspiration: The music I listen to, the friends that I dance with, and my niece who aspires to do what her uncle does.
    • How to train a Potter: My dance training has come from Vivid Motion (starting spring 2009) and Portland Ballet (starting summer 2010). I have also taken private ballet lessons from a professional dancer since summer 2012.
  • Venus Murphy

    • Choreographer, Dancer, Tech Volunteer
    • First Graced the VM Stage: Odyssey – 2008
    • Mostest Enjoyed Role: Jillian in 2014's Thug. A challenge both technically, and emotionally.
    • Inspired: Everywhere. I pull from lyrics, movies, friends, personal experiences...
    • Training a Goddess: Community jazz classes from 4th grade - 12th grade, and LOTS of training from Vivid Motion!
    Venus Murphy
  • Shea Murphy

    Shea Murphy
    • Dancer, Choreographer, Director and Video Extraordinaire
    • First VM Appearance: 2008
    • Inspiration: Gerry Shannon
    • How to train the untrainable: Having a blast and working hard in VM shows.
  • Sophie Little

    Sophie Little
    • Dancer, Choreographer
    • First VM Appearance: Hollywood Dreams in spring 2011
    • Inspiration: She particularly enjoys ballet and contemporary dance, and is in the process of developing her first choreographed piece in the summer 2014 show, "Thug."
    • How to train your dancer: Sophie started her dance training at the Centre of Movement at age five and joined Vivid Motion at age seventeen
  • Erik Monty

    • Dancer, Tech Volunteer
    Erik Monty
    • VM Debut: Nutcracker Burlesque '13
    • Favorite Part: Being a part of something that brings joy/laughter to people. Becoming more skilled.
    • Inspiration: Desire/Curiosity
    • Trained: Schoolhouse Arts Center, Bonny Eagle Middle/High School, Boca Ciega H.S., Vivid Motion"
  • Brigitte Paulus

    • Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher, Director, Producer, Graphic Designer, Costume Designer, Backstage, Board Member, Volunteer, Co Founder
    • First Graced the VM Stage: Nutcracker Burlesque 2003, the roots
    • Favorite Role: Morgan LeFay in Dance of War
    • Inspiration: Movement I see everywhere.
    Brigitte Paulus
    • How to become this awesome: "In Bangor, ME at Thomas School of Dance - Teachers: Stacey Stahl, Andrea Wilkes, Jeanne-Marie Aubert Robinson, Terry Lacey, Gene Syphers, Rita Wadsworth, Joseph Kelley
      River City Dance Center - Teachers: Keith Robinson, Maureen Robinson, Kelly Holyoke, Ivy Clear-Forrest, Ralph Robinson
      University or Maine, Orono - Teachers: Theresa Torkanowsky, Rhea Slichter, Kim Arrow, Ann Ross
      Joffrey Ballet - company classes, New York Perry Dance II - tap, ballet, jazz, New York
      Other Teachers - Laren Lynn, Albertine Maxwell, Jeanne Handy, Josie Conte"
  • John Larson

    John Larson
    • Choreographer, Dancer, Backstage, Board Member, Tech Volunteer, Yes
    • When We Started Questioning Our Judgement: Odyssey 2008
    • Favorate Role: It's hard to pick, there's so many. I guess my truely favorite part is getting to know everyone new and old.
    • Inspiring a Pirite to Dance: Movement and Geekery, not necessarily in that order.
    • Where a Pirate Trains to Dance: Nowhere. Okay not really nowhere, I've been taking VM company classes since I joined, and a few odd dance workshops here in there, but for that no dance training at all. Just rapier combat, or fencing.

Portland's Innovative & Kinda Quirky Dance Company

Founded in 2003. For people who always wanted to dance but never got to, and dancers who used to dance and miss it. Join us in a show or come to our pay-what-you-can dance classes. Don't dance? Support our dancers; watch our shows at St. Lawrence Arts and around town.

Pay-what-you-can mixed level dance class
Mondays January 5th - March 30
Beginner Ballet 6:45-7:45
Int/Adv Ballet 7:45-8:45

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