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Portland's Innovative & Kinda Quirky Dance Community

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Tickets for the 2015 Nutcracker Burlesque will be available for purchase online on Thanksgiving Day weekend. Show dates are Friday, December 11 through Saturday, December 19. Check back to this site for more updates!


Auditions for VivMo Shorts. May 20th 10am - 12pm

This summer Vivid Motion will be putting on shorts! That's right, we'll also be putting on a show called VivMo Shorts!

Come audition on

Sat 5/20 10am-12pm at Drouin Dance Center, in Westbrook

for a collection of Short Stories each with their own choreographer. Each of them told through dance. Ages 9 and up, all levels, all styles, all colors, all genders.

Rehearsals start June 1st.
Mondays at Drouin Dance, Wednesdays and Thursdays at St. Lawrence. 6-9pm. (You may not need to attend full rehearsals each day.)

Tech starts July 24th. Shows will be July 27 - 30.

Fill out an audition form ahead of time.
Led by Brigitte Paulus, each choreographer will act as a director for their own short.

The 8 shorts will include a little bit of everything.

Victoria Broshes, shows us that today, for every action given, we expect an equal return. Her rendition of The Giving Tree represents that sometimes simply giving is simply enough.

Remember Me, by Chris Gray, reminds us that evil can take many forms, this time it's under the guise of a sorcerer able to turn people into mannequin people to use as puppets. Will the antagonist be able to free his partner from her mindless state or will he succumb to the magical ease of a non-existence?

MJ Emerson shows us a weekend in the life of (those imagined) classic American teens of the 1960's, in her Etta James Suite.

Trains, by Caelistis Paulus, shows that everything can be perfect and happy one day, but one small event can change someone's life in a moment.

plus more...

Questions...? email

Audition Format

Auditions will be held in a class format; there is no need to prepare anything special. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Shoes are dance shoes or bare feet.

If you are unable to attend auditions, but would still like to participate, or are interested in behind the scenes volunteering, please drop us a line at

Company Classes at Drouin Dance Studio , Westbrook

Beginning Dance Technique taught by Ali Berry

Mondays 7:30 ‐ 8:30 PM

January 9 thru Spring


Classes are held in Drouin Dance Center in the Platnium Room on the 2nd floor of the Dana Warp Mill Building

Int/Adv Contemporary Class taught by Brigitte Paulus

Thursdays 7:30 ‐ 8:45 PM

January 12 thru Spring


Classes are held in Drouin Dance Center in the Green Room on the 2nd floor of the Dana Warp Mill Building

Beginning January 9th, join Ali Berry on Monday nights from 7:30-8:30pm for Beginning Dance Technique. Class will include a basic warm up that gets the dancer's whole body working, followed by a structured introduction to movements and steps commonly found in ballet and jazz choreography. Students will also learn fun combinations to try in the studio and practice at home.

On Thursday nights from 7:30-8:45pm Brigitte Paulus will teach an Int/Adv Contemporary Class. Class will include a warm up focused on flexibility and core strength, followed by a chance to practice and improve your technique by learning short choreographies. Class will explore Brigitte's unique movement style; blending ballet, jazz, middle eastern, and various other styles from 30+ years of dance. Come prepared to receive corrections, try new movement and have fun becoming a better dancer. All classes are held at Drouin Dance Center in the Platinum Room (2nd Floor) at the Dana Warp Mill, 90 Bridge Street in Westbrook. Classes are pay-what-you-can and open to all.

Questions or suggestions? contact Ali Berry

About our Teachers

Alison Berry has been dancing since childhood and instructing dance classes since her teenage years. She is trained in ballet, jazz, and tap dance but also enjoys trying out everything from contemporary to hip hop. Ali's early dance education mainly comes from Houlton School of Dance and Moondance Studios in Northern Maine. Since moving to Portland a decade ago Ali has continued to take dance classes here and in Boston, and has been dancing and choreographing with Vivid Motion all that time. Ali has been serving as Vivid Motion's Artistic Director since 2014.

Brigitte Paulus is a classically trained ballerina, who had the fortune to have fantastic professional dancers for her teachers. She danced at Joffrey Ballet in New York for a bit, and then came back to Maine where she branched out into other forms of dance and eventually helped to start Vivid Motion. She's done Jazz, Tap, Middle Eastern, Flamenco, Hip Hop and a little bit of whatever she can throw her body into.

Gerry Shannon has a passion for swing dancing that can be catagorized as obsessive. The fancy footwork combined with partner dancing and socializing is just the perfect way to spend an evening. Since his introduction to this great form in 1999, he has attended local and regional classes, workshops and events geared specifically for putting a huge smile on his face. Most of his choreography is inspired by swing ... and making you laugh of course.

Company News

We're looking for a studio space to replace Acorn. Got any leads on an affordable space? Email us

The Board of Directors is looking for people to join three committees as leaders or members for one year. Help us by joining either the Social Media, Sponsor, or Visibility Committee. Check out more info here.

Come to company meetings, the last Monday of the month at 8:30pm. Be informed and stay connected.

Notes from the meeting are here:
Company Minutes

The list of Things You Said You'd Do

The latest To Do List

Volunteer in a Show

If being onstage is not your thing you can still help

Contact us and tell us what you're interested in. We'd love your help.

We need volunteers for:
Graphic Design
Hanging up Posters
Set Building
Box Office
and Tons More!

Help Us Help You – Program Advertising

Our programs reach from 300 to 800 audience members during a production. Placing your ad in one of our programs is a cost effective way to connect with audiences that support the arts, by showing that you do as well.

Contact with ad copy, for payment options, and to request other ad-related information

Ad Copy should be sent to Advertising
Payments can be sent through Paypal or by check payable to Vivid Motion Inc.

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This can include donations of time, goods and space. Contact Vivid Motion's President to support the company

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